Check below for answers to frequently asked questions about Shanowen Square student accommodation Santry. If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact our Office at + 353 (01) 862 3842 or email info@shanowensquare.com


 How do I apply?

You must complete your application online. Simply fill in your details on the Booking Form. You will then be directed to Paypal where you can securely pay your booking deposit to finalise your application . PayPal will apply a surcharge for the use of their service. This charge is payable by the Applicant. If you are successful in securing a room, we will then issue you with a license to reside by the end of July which you must sign and return along with 2 passport sized photographs. The rent should be paid via bank transfer to the bank account details found on your license to reside. Your booking will only be secured once we have the application form and the booking deposit of €400.

If your Application is successful and you secure accommodation in Shanowen Square your booking deposit will become a security deposit which will be refundable at the end of the academic year subject to your apartment/room being in the condition that you found it in. Management reserve the right to refuse admission.


 Covid 19 Policy

We, at Shanowen Square are committed to ensuring that we uphold the highest standards when it comes to minimising the risks associated with the COVID 19 virus for our residents. We would like to advise you on some of the modifications made to our procedures, services, health and hygiene measures to give you peace of mind for your stay with us.

  • We have a Sanitising station on the ground floor and entry point to every building and in the laundry room in the complex.
  • We have a Sanitising Station in the reception area.
  • We have a janitor on site every day to clean and sanitise all touch points around the complex such as gate control panels, door control panels, stairwell handles etc.
  • All apartments are ordinarily deep cleaned prior to the arrival of new residents. This will now be followed up with sanitising of all surfaces in the apartments.
  • All linens supplied will be new and left in packaging to provide reassurance to new arrivals. This includes one pillow, one duvet, one fitted sheet, one mattress protector, duvet cover and pillowcase.
  • We have appropriate signage up in common areas to remind residents to be mindful of hand hygiene and cough etiquette.
  • We will have directional signage on stairwells to help with social distancing as people exit and enter buildings.
  • We may have to designate various zones in kitchens and common areas to help with social distancing, but we will do this when the government makes recommendations on this later this year.
  • All residents who live with us have their own bathroom so this provides reassurance to them.
  • As the country moves through the various phases of lockdown and restrictions in response to COVID 19, we are continually adapting and adjusting our procedures to meet these guidelines.

As you know the impact that COVID 19 has had is unprecedented and the situation is constantly changing. We are adhering strictly to the Government, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. We will continue to keep abreast of government recommendations and react accordingly.


 Cancellation Policy

If the Occupier wishes to cancel a booking, they must do so by sending an email to info@shanowensquare.com. If your Application is successful and you secure Accommodation in Shanowen Square your booking deposit will become a security deposit which will be refunded to you at the end of the academic year subject to no unpaid rent/outstanding fines/damages being charged against it.  No refund of any pre-payment shall be made in the event of early vacation of the accommodation


 How do I know if I have a room?

Once we have received your completed application form and your booking deposit you will receive an automated message from PayPal confirming receipt of same. We will then advise you whether you have been successful or unsuccessful within 48 working hours. If you have been unsuccessful your booking deposit will be refunded to you immediately. If you have been successful we will email you with further details.


 Do I have to share a bathroom & bedroom with other people?

All bedrooms have an ensuite bathroom. Most rooms are single, but we also have some twin rooms.


 Do I have to share a kitchen with other people?

Yes, if you have any additional requests you must fill these out on your Application form and we will endeavor to meet these needs. However, this is not always possible.


 Can I live with my friends?

Yes, if you have any additional requests you must fill these out on your Application form and we will endeavor to meet these needs. However, this is not always possible.


 Is there much storage in the bedrooms?

Yes, there is a large wardrobe and two large drawers under the bed with some storage above and below your study desk.


What about internet connection?

We are increasing our broadband speeds to deliver a super fast wifi service. This is at no additional cost.

Ethernet Cables for the wired connection are available in the office at a cost of €3.


 If I apply & cancel my booking later will I get my money back?

Once the deposit is paid, it is non--refundable in the event of cancellation. This is simply to ensure that we only receive applications from students who genuinely intend to take the room. If you move in, this deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your stay.


 How do I wash my clothes in Shanowen?

There is an onsite laundry room with washers and dryers. A wash is €3 and the dryer costs €3 also.


 What can I expect to find in the apartments?

Please email (info@shanowensquare.com) and we will be happy to send you on an Inventory Sheet


 Are the rooms insured?

Contents and personal belongings are not insured in the complex. We recommend that residents look into this themselves or insure belongings under their home insurance.


 Will I be living in an apartment with mixed gender?

Yes, you may. If you have any specific requirements in relation to this you must make it very clear when you are applying and on your application form.


 Are TV sets supplied?

TVs are not supplied but you will have access to 15 channels on site. Please note that it is the responsibility of the TV set owner to provide a TV license for each TV set.


 Are Utilities Included in the Price?

All utilities are included in your rent. However, each student is given a weekly electricity allowance of €9.50 per person. In our experience, this is generally more than enough to cover electricity consumption for a typical resident. We monitor the usage for the first month or so and we advise students if their usage is exceeding the allowance. This gives the student an opportunity to bring usage in line with the allowance. If the usage remains high and in excess of the weekly allowance, students will then be charged the difference.


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