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Shanowen Square is an 86 apartment complex comprised of 13 blocks located within its own secure grounds amongst extensively landscaped gardens. Each student apartment has been carefully designed to provide spacious and modern accommodation and contains a number of features which are regarded at a premium by today’s third level students. Shanowen Square has set a new standard in student accommodation for both Irish and International students. Shanowen Square is ideally located within easy reach of Dublin's northside and all city centre third level institutions.

*PayPal apply a surcharge for the use of their service. This charge is payable by the Applicant.

**We have revised our Cancellation Policy to reflect the uncertainty surrounding the coming Academic year.

At Shanowen Square we are committed to being as flexible as possible. We are offering a full refund of the security deposit if you cancel your room with us before the 7th of September 2020. Cancellations made after this date will not be issued with a refund. This date is in place so that we can offer your room to another student before the start of term.


Room Options Weekly Breakdown Total Payable Semester One Semester Two
Special offer FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY €215.00 €7,955.00 €4,085.00 €3,870.00
Twin room Special offer per person FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY €159.00 €5,883.00 €3,021.00 €2,862.00
Single room standard ensuite €225.00 €8,325.00 €4,725.00 €3,600.00
Twin room ensuite per person €189.00 €6,993.00 €3,969.00 €3,024.00
Double bed single occupancy only €250.00 €9,250.00 €5,250.0 €4,000.00
Single semester booking €4,900 per semester - - -

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